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Huckleberry’s Pastrami Sandwich.

Well, this is embarrassing! My last post said this upcoming post would center around my trip to the Bahamas with Josh & my family, but I can’t upload the video onto my Vimeo account because I reached my quota this week, so I’ll just have to wait until Saturday for it to refresh. Regardless, the next post will absolutely be an explosion of pictures from the Bahamas that your eyes will be beached out for the day. Hopefully you enjoy this picture food dump post. If it makes you hungry, mission accomplished.

Remember how I dabble in gardening & making terrariums? No? Well, I do, so I made an instructional video on how to make beach themed terrariums except filming with one hand & trying to plant with the other produced deplorable results. What do you do with a bunch of movie clips on how to make terrariums that are poorly focused, unstable, & nearly nauseating to watch due to the amount of instability? Why, you throw them into Lightroom, edit the heck out of the colors, slap on some downtempo song, & boom, you’ve got yourself something semi-watchable.

Beach Themed Terrariums

Beach Themed Terrariums from Tiffany Bee on Vimeo.

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The Road to 100…Bloglovin’ Followers.

I’m hosting a giveaway for the very first time on Tiffany Bee & anyone can participate because I’m making this worldwide! It doesn’t even matter if you’re my friend & you just saw me yesterday, you can still participate. So please help me spread the word so more than just a few people can get a chance at winning some free goodies. I know I’m not exactly throwing in a free camera or anything that fancy, but I do send the best care packages. (See Nancy & Becca for confirmation on said best care packages.) For some very strange reason still unknown to me, the cookbook I ordered for this giveaway never got delivered to me & the company that sold it to me never responded back to my e-mail, so for this giveaway, you can choose whether you want a cookbook, one of my favorite novels, or any book that is on your wish list right now.

What’s in the package?

  • (1) Book of your choice within $15
  • (1) Matcha Green Tea Cream Pocky
  • (1) Panda Cookies & Cream Pocky
  • (1) Handmade faux pearl bracelet
  • (1) Nail lacquer
  • (1) Handmade “tribal” bracelet
  • Various snacks & candy
  • (1) Free Domain for 1 year of a max value of $13
  • (1) Free hosting account for 1 year
  • (1) Loose leaf tea

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Kitayama’s Amberjack Nigiri

Phew! After intensively studying for the MCAT for the past few months, it’s finally over & I can finally move onwards with my life. I felt as though studying for this dreaded standardized test was equivalent to pausing everything I really wanted to do & not so much a step closer to getting to where I need to be for my career. It’s not as though I’ve lost interest or passion in a career in the health field – the MCAT has just been a pesky splinter in-between my toes. I put nearly everything else on pause while I focused all my brain power into pushing through the pain & plucking out that minuscule fragment causing my misfortune.

To numb the pain a bit with ice, Josh & I had dinner at Kitayama, a beautiful Japanese restaurant with a crew of friendly staff including gorgeous servers–hollah at my girl Vy–, nice hosts, & entertaining sushi chefs. We ordered the omakase, which grants the chefs liberty to be creative with the fish they had. It’s always a wonderful experience to see what new mouthwatering dishes sushi chefs come up with right in front of you. Having been able to consume such wonderful meals in the past few weeks, I decided to compile a post of mouthwatering Asian dishes from various countries–realistically, I just posted three, but whatever just go with it.

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In the 2+ decades of my existence, I cannot recall a time when I actually celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, most of the time I completely forgot it was that time of the year again to wear green to avoid this absurd tradition of getting pinched. While the bars around my campus were stocking up on green beer, I was studying for finals. This year is no exception, however this time, I’m bringing you recipes to celebrate St. Patty’s day even though I’ll still be at home, studying. Today, I present two recipes using bright green colors perfect for any lunch or dinner party you might host for St. Patty’s day or any other celebration. They’re simple, refreshing, & you can make them both in 20 minutes or less. More green recipes will be on the way, but they’ll probably be delayed until after my exam on the 22nd.

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What I Wore: Valentine’s Day

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