A Healthier Crab Rangoon Recipe

A few months ago during work, I couldn’t stop thinking about how my next meal would consist of crab rangoon & some other noodle-y dish. When I walked across the street to a Thai restaurant that I knew served crab rangoon, I was so excited to dip these deep fried stuffed wonton apps in some delicious sweet & sour sauce. As I walked out of the restaurant, I opened the take-out bag to pop one of these pyramidal pockets of goodness in my mouth, but to my great disappointment, they were more melted cream cheese than imitation crab. I continued to crave these for weeks until I decided I would just make them myself after my second disappointment, which was from my new go-to Thai delivery joint. What is with Boston’s inability to make some half-way decent crab rangoon?! Well, I take that back, there is one restaurant that is mediocre Asian food at its finest *cough* Teriyaki House *cough* & they make a pretty solid serving of crab rangoon.

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Review of YSL’s Touche Éclat

Quick Life Update

Two days ago, my brother & I finally made our way back to the States after a very long trip in Thailand & Vietnam. It was bittersweet, but I’m really happy to be back home. There are so many things we take for granted, such as actual toilets, regulations on food cleanliness, & being able to eat raw vegetables without fear of contracting a parasite. Although our public education system is sliding in rankings–California & Massachusetts topping the list at 2 & 4 with best high schools–school is still free for us until college, but this is not the case for those living in Vietnam. I’m really happy I could be part of MEMO’s 9G trip this year with my family. We handed out so many backpacks full of school supplies & scholarships to underprivileged children. Yet, that’s just one of the many things MEMO did while in Vietnam. My parents have been helping out the club since it first started 9 years ago & they finally got to see all their fundraising & donations turn into life changing medical & educational assistance. If you’d like to see what we all did for the past 11 days, check out the MEMO 9G blog.

In my last post, I said that I wanted to release a bunch of queued posts throughout July & August, but I never got around to making 5 new posts like I wanted. So instead of smushing together a product review, some random pictures from months ago, & a recipe, I thought I’d just keep things straight to the point. This post is a product review. I don’t care for product review posts, so I don’t care if you read it or not. If you’re interested in makeup reviews, this is the post for you. If you’re not, just wait until tomorrow when I post a new recipe.

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Musical Mondays: Reasons for Happiness

Reasons for Happiness

  1. Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind (SOHN Remix)
  2. Lana Del Rey – Ride (Barretso Remix)
  3. Flight Facilities – Two Bodies (feat. Emma Louise)
  4. Lady – Chromatics
  5. Chet Faker – Gold (Flume Re-Work)
  6. ODESZA – Say My Name (feat. Zyra)
  7. Lana Del Rey – Born to Die (Monsieur Adi Remix)
  8. Mr Little Jeans – Don’t Run
  9. The Aston Shuffle – Won’t Get Lost (Flume Remix)
  10. M83 – Kim & Jessie
  11. Wild Nothing – Counting Days
  12. Clams Casino – The World Needs Change
  13. Monarchy – Video Games vs Phoenix Alive
  14. Flume – Sleepless (Cosmo’s Midnight Remix)

YAY a filler post!! You know you’re totally not bothered by this because it’s ad-free music I made to make you happy. I’ve been so caught up with school & work that I’ve been neglecting TB & everyone I normally interweb stalk. It’s not you, I promise, it’s just me & life. So, please enjoy this fun, slightly nostalgic, synth-pop-whatever playlist of fantastic vocals & upbeat tempos. & of course I had to include Lana Del Rey remixes because YAAAS QUEEEEN. Shut up. 😛

I wanted to get back into the swing of things by creating a massive amount of queued posts throughout July & August because I’ll be away on holiday. My family & I are going to Thailand for fun & then we’ll be joining MEMO–an amazing nonprofit organization aimed to help the underprivileged in developing countries–in Vietnam. I’m so incredibly excited to visit Thailand for the first time & also thrilled to visit Vietnam again (& for a good cause too!). The first time I went, I was 12 & absolutely hated it–mostly due to the company (or more like an individual jerk/bully)–which, formulated my negative perception of the country. But I’ll never forget how delicious the food was, although I think Southern California’s pho is better than the bowls I had in Vietnam. I’m now nearly a whole decade & a half older than I was when I visited Vietnam, so my mind is wide open to enjoy the nature & beauty of the country. Prepare your browser for massive amounts of pictures in 2 months, you guys. It’s going to be awesome. Thailand & Vietnam might not hold any records for having the world’s fastest bullet trains or the cleanest cities, but I think both countries are underrated holiday destinations. Although, Vietnam holds the record for the largest underground cave. In fact, it’s own forest & wildlife. You bet your bottom there’ll be a bunch of food pictures & YOU WILL ENJOY IT BECAUSE FOOD IS ART. CAPS LOCK. 📷🍜 In all seriousness, I really look forward to visiting the Motherland & helping those who desperately need aid. I was going to make a joke about running amongst my peeplz, but all humans, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual preference are my peeplz. We are all human & we’re all animals made of stardust. 🌠✨💫

Tell me all about your summer vacation plans or where you wish you could revisit or plan on visiting one day! Also, tell me what you think of the playlist. It’s okay if it’s not your jams, you’re wrong. Just kidding, to each their own!

Look, an Edible Recipe!

Wow, you guys, I actually forgot how to blog for a good minute there; it’s been so long since I’ve posted an edible recipe. Last Monday, I received my box of soap goodies from Bramble Berry, which got me so excited to make cold process soap for the first time. Melt & pour soap is really easy to do & I love the instant gratification of using your soap a few hours after you’ve made it, but since I’m a control freak, I need to have power over what goes into my soap. I don’t like the cheap feel of soap leaving your skin dry–something you can get from low quality melt & pours–so I just sucked it up & bought the Beginner’s Cold Process Soap Kit. I’ve made 2 bars of soap so far, so in 4-6 weeks–it takes at least 4 weeks for soap to cure–I’ll finally have my belated birthday giveaway! I guess it’s way too late to even call it a belated birthday giveaway, I’ll just call it my summer giveaway or something. Anyway, more details on that when the soap finishes curing.

Before I get too carried away with soap, let’s talk about my new edible recipe, which features a mix of oyster mushrooms & crimini, kale, cashews, & of course, creamy polenta. Don’t mind the flattened look of the polenta–took a picture of this when the polenta was at its least creamy aka the next day, heated up–this recipe will produce a very creamy bowl of polenta, which you can top off with your choice of mushrooms, greens, & nuts. It makes a really quick & easy vegetarian dinner & if you’re still hungry, you can grill some other veggies like asparagus or squash or any protein (tofu, fish, etc) of your choice!

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Soap’s Up!

This post might be kind of annoying because it’s not a straight forward recipe sharing post, but a review for some products Influenster sent me. I know, I know – I’m sorry if you hate these, but I promise I have a recipe for you, it’s just not edible. 😛 So, I’m all about organic & natural products for numerous environmental, ecological, & socioeconomic reasons, but I’m also annoyingly sensitive to certain chemicals, which I inherited from my mom. Mom can’t tolerate a lot of cheaper end products because of the low quality, chemical laden ingredients they use as filler, which causes her to break out in hives. I’ve also found that none of those really cheap face scrubs or washes particularly work for me. In fact, I believe they cause me to break out even more or leave my skin really dry. My body is maddeningly posh. While I probably couldn’t taste the difference between a 4x distilled vodka versus a “premium” 7x distilled vodka, my body can & it’ll do so in the form of whether or not I get a hangover. My ears? Listen, if I even try to wear anything that isn’t real gold, silver, or platinum, I’ll develop an infection. Pus is gross, y’all. It’s literally irritating. I’m not proud of these things, trust me; I’d happily purchase affordable earrings made with whatever metallic concoction in troves, but my body is annoyingly sensitive. It’s a diva, I really can’t help it if I wanted to. I didn’t ask for this!!

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