Wow. Much Sushi. Such Yum. Wow.

Matsu’s Sumo Roll

Did anyone else stop & ask how in the world February got here so quickly? I mean, technically it’s not February yet, but it’s February somewhere–I’m looking at you, Australia–so roll with me here. It seems that I always start off my posts remarking on how much time has passed, but I really don’t know how it escapes me. I look up & it says it’s 9 PM & then I look up again & all of a sudden it’s really 1:30 AM & I should be in bed. I don’t even…what…

Since I’m trying to intensely study for a life altering exam known as the MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test), I’ve isolated myself in my home because I know if I take a trip to the grocery store, I’m just not going to want to study after. This poses a simple First World Problem: what the heck do I eat when all the leftovers are gone? There’s only so much instant ramen & Spaghetti O’s a girl can eat before the spoiled snob demanding variety that is her tongue, can tolerate.

This is the part when my amazing mother comes into play. She’s been working so hard lately that she barely has any time to stop by the grocery store & whip up a family dinner, so she orders food for the family from restaurants instead. This isn’t a feasible solution since ordering take out is much more expensive than cooking your own meals, but I’m certainly not complaining! More time for me to mindlessly surf the web study & more yums in the tums. Mommy dearest is always thoughtful enough to ask me if I want anything to eat so she can bring home the goods. I need to set aside a night to make her a lavish dinner…& then post the recipes after.

Sushi Sushi Sushi

Please excuse the watermarks on my pictures. I know they’re distracting/annoying & take away from the sushi, but you’ll really only see them on pictures without albums as I plan to upload these to Yelp.

Matsu 69

Caterpillar Roll, Spider Roll, Eel Handroll

Sumo Roll

Sumo Roll

Volcano Roll

Volcano Roll

But Wait, There’s More

On another day, my mom got me a custom samurai burrito from none other than Samurai Burrito on her way home. I had read a bunch of reviews about the chefs being heavy handed with the rice, which took away from the flavors of the fish so I just ordered a burrito without the rice. Fake crab meat as a filler is pretty good, although I’d probably just go with rice & crab meat next time, requesting that they use half their normal amount.

Salmon Burrito with Avocado, Crab meat, Scallions, & OC Mix sauce

Salmon Burrito with Avocado, Crab meat, Scallions, & OC Mix sauce

Salmon Burrito with Avocado, Crab meat, Scallions, & OC Mix sauce

So, what was the point of this post?

  1. To show off my new watermark because my old one was ugly.
  2. To show off pictures of sushi I ate. They were actually just okay. The burrito was pretty good.
  3. To talk about how awesome my mom is.

But mostly, to encourage you to be kind to one another, especially to your parents. If they’ve provided you with a roof over your head, the clothes on your back, the food in your fridge, & given you all the love you’ve ever known, you should show them your love & appreciation. Always practice mindfulness because you really never know when someone you’ve always wanted to apologize to or make amends with or just straight up tell someone what a stupidjerkface they are & how they can stop, before it’s too late. So make sure the people you care & love know that you do.

Updates to come; for real this time

  • DIY Terrarium Video
  • More Terrariums!!!! Waiting for some of the seedlings to grow to take better pictures.
  • Dessert Recipes
  • More Albums So Y’all Can Stalk My Mediocre Life


  1. My mouth is watering….. That all looks so tasty! I’ve been getting more into sushi because of a restaurant my sister in law went to. So far, I’ve enjoyed more of the crunchy sushi.

    • Hey Darianne, I tried to leave a comment on your latest blog today, but it’s just simply not working. There’s something funky going on with the blogging system. Hope you can get it fixed soon!

  2. Now I’m craving sushi. Thanks a lot.

    That last paragraph serves as a good reminder. Such is especially true at times of need. We’re going through a financially precarious situation, and that’s when it’s especially necessary for us to remain strong and show love and appreciation for each other. Thank you for the reminder! :)

    And that title. I smell doge. Much clue. Such giveaway. Wow. 😀

  3. I am so hungry now because of all those sushi and burrito pictures. I really want to try Samurai Burrito now! If I’m ever in California, I’ll be sure to check it out. The idea of japanese flavors in a burrito sounds intriguing. Seriously though, your blog is making me drool right now.

    That’s so sweet of your mom though! That is some high quality food for take-out. Or maybe you’re just a really amazing photographer who knows how to make food shine. Either way, I’m hungry but it’s almost 1AM in the morning here so I need to settle down because eating this late is just bad.

    • I’ve only recently heard of the concept of a sushi roll just being wrapped like a burrito. The restaurant has a lot of different wrappings from nori to soy to green tea soy or something of that sort. I’m glad you’re drooling! Going to bed slightly hungry is better than going to bed full says biology via metabolism.

      Haha my mom brings home a lot of leftovers from her work (they get free food often) so getting sushi to go was quite extravagant. High quality food indeed! No fancy camerawork needed, I assure you. :)

  4. I hope studying for the MCATs is going well! That’s awesome of your mom to order food for you, and I like your note at the end about it :)

    The burrito looks so good! I wish we had a place like that here. It’d be nice to have a different type of burrito once in a while that wasn’t a super heavy texmex one.

    I like your new watermark too, by the way :) I actually don’t mind watermarks as long as it isn’t right in the middle of the photo (which some people do and it’s distracting). I watermark all of my stuff because I’ve already had experiences of people reposting things without any credit back to me =/

    • Thanks Cat! I wrote you this reply back, but for some reason my WordPress app wasn’t working so it didn’t send it. SIGH. It got completely erased too.
      Sorry to hear that you had issues with people taking your work & claiming it as their own. I don’t understand how people think that’s okay.

  5. That is so nice of your mom! I agree completely. I’m one to under appreciate my parents, but they always come through for me when I need it the most.

    It all looks so delicious, too! I’ve never seen a sushi burrito, but it makes me want to experiment a little. You can never have too much sushi!

    • I’m sure you could make your own sushi burrito by rolling up a very large sushi roll like a burrito haha. It’s not rolled with a tortilla, just your choice of seaweed or soy paper. There is a burger place in LA that has sushi burgers though, which is exactly as it sounds: a burger with sushi ingredients inside. Was told it wasn’t that great. Some experiments fall flat!

      Parents do need a little more lovin’, unless of course they’re awful people.

  6. all the photos are so mouthwathering *Q*. I wish we could order these kind of sushi here in the Netherlands! And true, I have a feeling that some kids nowadays don’t even appreciate their parents anymore, even though they give so much..

    It was so cute to hear that my cousin, who wasn’t one of the kindest kids, has changed. He earned some money and gave a part to his parents and he took them out for dinner :).

    Every time I scroll back to your photos, I regret it. I want sushi, like right now T-T.

    • Ah, this sushi isn’t too difficult to recreate. I think maybe making it look as beautiful will be troublesome, but I’m sure you could find the ingredients in your local Asian supermarket or Japanese supermarket for the ingredients.

      That’s really sweet of your cousin to do that. :)

  7. February did come really fast this year! It must be the fact that we’re keeping ourselves overly occupied that we lost track of time.

    Good luck with the MCAT exam! I can’t imagine how hard it is considering how people really really need to study for it. I’m sure you will do beyond well :).

    I feel you a bit about having to find some food other than leftovers. Too much instant ramen can have its cons.

    Your mother is so cool for knowing where to find delicious sushi to go! Even in its to go plates, it looks amazing and delicious. I heard of burrito sushi before but never seen it before. What kind of wrappers do they use? Your new watermark looks really elegant & classy!

    I agree with everything you said about being kind and considerate to others, especially the parents. Although things will not always be perfect, they’re still our parents at the end of the day.

    • Instant ramen is high in sodium so it’s definitely awful for your body to take in so much sodium like that. I guess you could try to balance it out with eating a few bananas though & remaining hydrated.

      This sushi restaurant is my mom’s favorite so we just ordered take out. I ordered for us & she picked it up. 😀 As for the samurai burritos, they have lots of different wrappers from nori to different soy wrappers. My mom got me the spicy soy wrapper or something. I would’ve preferred nori because I feel like soy kind of tastes like wet paper almost, but it was still really good! I encourage you to try to make it at home. I know I definitely will one day!


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