Birthday Love & a Vegan Chickpea Curry Recipe

Vegan Chickpea Curry.

Aside from this new vegan friendly curry recipe I’ve just posted, I also have some smoothie recipes & more ice pop recipes coming your way, so stay tuned. You’ll have to forgive my delay in response & visits to all of your lovely websites due to school & work, but I eventually catch up with all of you. If any of you have the ingredients lying around for this delicious chickpea curry recipe, I hope that you’ll try it because it’s so easy to make & such a crowd pleaser too. Josh loves this recipe & claims it as “the TRUTH!” so I hope someone tries it out.

It’s about time I announce the winners for the giveaway I hosted a few months ago. Find out after the jump!

& the Winner Is…

The winner of the giveaway is, as luck would have it, Becca! She won by default because the other winner didn’t answer my e-mail after a few attempts to contact her. Additionally, about 4 of the 5 winners didn’t get back to me when I e-mailed them. To streamline this process, I’m choosing the first 4 commenters that entered the giveaway to win the ad spot. Apparently, most of those that participated in this giveaway don’t check their e-mails so I don’t know how they expected to get their prize…? Also, I’m just going to make the adverts for all 5 of the winners so it’s easier. I think it’s only fair that my real visitors actually be rewarded rather than randoms that have no intention of visiting again. This is my tiny gift to thank you, the visitor, for visiting. I’m not sorry for being cheesy.

Birthday Love

I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago with just Josh on one day at Balboa Island & then with my closest friends & family on another. It was supposed to be a potluck dinner, but there were more bags of chips than there were meals. I’m especially thankful to Ben for making matzoh ball soup even though the balls weren’t fluffy, Jimmy for making last-minute guacamole that was absolutely delicious, Kevin for making beaucoup de grougères (French cheese puffs) parceque ils étaient magnifiques, Michelle for making so much amazing flan, Steven for making excellent mashed potatoes with a vegetarian gravy, & Quyen for getting a box full of cream puffs. A huge thanks to Viviane & Vy for helping me clean the dishes & much love to Josh for helping me cook & for making salmon burgers. I’m thankful to everyone who showed up with something–even if it was just bags of chips–or just showing up in general.

Menu Josh & I Put Together

Appetizers: Bruschetta, cheese plate, chickpea curry, potato salad, bulgur salad
Mains: Bun Rieu, salmon burgers
Dessert: Strawberry & Peach + Nectarine Ice Pops infused with flavored alcohol

Latest Additions

More recipes coming your way after I knock out my first test in my summer class! Be sure to follow me on Instagram & Bloglovin’! I was only 2 followers away from reaching my goal of 100, oh foooey.


  1. Haaaapppy belated birthday dear c: and it looks like a nice one ^__^ those gougeres cheese puffs look delicious c: Love your party dress as well!

    //REPLY: you asked me about the title of my post and I chose it because I thought it was a pretty quote 😛 nothing special attached to it Xx

    • Thanks! :) The gougeres were really goooood. I wish Kevin left them for me to devour, but he took the leftovers home. It’s kind of a good thing because I would’ve stuffed my face with them everyday.

      How come you don’t reply to your comments in your comment thread? You have a reply button – do people just never get informed that they’ve been replied to?

  2. Ivy

    Can you still taste the chickpea from your recipe or is the curry overwhelming its flavor? Not a big fan of peas… :\

    Food + Great Company AND balloons?! What more can you ask for on your birthday? 😀 Happy belated birthday! Is that calamari waaay up there? Looks good! Cute dress as well!

    (I didn’t get an email. Haha. Probably not a winner anyways.)

    • Well, no two peas are the same & chickpeas are one of the healthiest you could be eating. Have you never had garbanzo beans before? Falafel maybe? They’re really good. Don’t really taste like any peas, more on the meatier bean side if you ask me. The curry is pretty strong, but the flavor of the chickpeas (it’s not a bad flavor) takes a backseat & serves more as texture.

      If you were one of the first 3 people to leave me a reply, I think you pretty much get a spot. I’ll just make you the advert if that’s the case, don’t worry about it.

      & thank you for the kind words! Yes, it’s calamari!

    • Must correct myself!! Chickpeas are NOT peas, they’re legumes therefore they’re beans. They’re found in any grocery store under “garbanzo beans” in the canned aisle. 😀

  3. Belated happy birthday! 😀 Looks like a blast, all that food is making me so hungry.

    I love anything curry so I’ll definitely be trying out that recipe! Looks very quick an easy to make to which is awesome because I’m a lazy cook. :’D

    • Thank you!! & glad to hear that! It really is quick & easy haha. Perfect for lazy cooks alike! I’ll be adding more lazy cook recipes because ain’t nobody got time for that…harder stuff that takes all day!

  4. A belated happy birthday to you! Hope you had a lovely time. Is a potluck dinner where everyone brings something?? Never heard of it before, but it looks fun.

    All the food on here looks lovely. Definitely making me very hungry!

    • Yes, a potluck is when you have an event that requires attendees to bring items such as drinks, plates, utensil, & food. In middle school, our teachers emphasized participation so if we didn’t bring anything, we would be excluded from the opportunity to eat the food. Thanks for kind words!

  5. Thanks for sharing the chickpea curry recipe. I really like chickpeas but I never know what to do with them. Now I have some inspiration!

    I hope you had a lovely birthday! There is nothing better than sharing food with family and friends to celebrate. I still want to try oysters but I’ve never had the opportunity to. :(

    • There are so many things you can do with chickpeas! The possibilities are endless!! Pasta, falafel, salads, mashed, oven baked so they’re like croutons, etc!

      Have you had any bivalves raw before? Oysters are an acquired taste haha – mostly because they’re slimy. But if you bake them with some nice toppings they’re really nice too. Thanks for the kind words!

  6. Ooh, I love both curry and chickpeas. Sounds like a tasty dish!

    That’s odd that people didn’t answer your email about winning. I’m addicted to checking my email, so I always find it weird when people go days or weeks without checking theirs. If I saw an email about winning a giveaway I entered, I’d reply back immediately!

    Balboa Island looks like a great place to celebrate your birthday! I love potlucks, but we often run into the same problem. We either get too many chips or too much beer, haha. Those seem like the default things people bring if they don’t feel like cooking, but like you said, at least they came and that’s what matters :)

    • Ugh yes. I think it’s honestly a matter of age & understanding proper etiquette. I think people are so informal these days that they forget that their friend who is slaving away in a kitchen requested a simple thing & they think, “nah she’s just a friend I don’t have to bring anything.” People don’t get that it’s rude or at least improper dinner etiquette. You always bring something to a dinner you’ve been invited to. A good solution is a google doc & a potluck dinner theme. Forces people to sign up for specific items so the chips to real food isn’t 10:1. But yes, the company is what matters most. :)

      I think the people that participated were mostly spam somehow. I can’t explain it haha.

  7. Well, happy belated birthday! Potlucks are the best, especially when people actually make stuff. We used to do one in high school for band, and families would actually be assigned foods (thank goodness) so that there was enough. It looks like it was a lot of fun!

    That curry looks delicious. The dining halls at school would attempt it, but it was always completely American-ized and lacked a lot of taste. It looks like an easy recipe though, I definitely want to try it at school!

    • Ahh that’s too bad. This recipe is definitely college friendly & budget friendly too!! Well, given that you have curry powder already & some of the spices….but if not, then it’ll kind of be an investment for future cooking haha.

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