Musical Mondays: Mellifluous


  1. “Settle Down” by Kimbra
  2. “Take My Hand” by Charli xcx
  3. “Maiden” by MØ
  4. “Four Leaf Clover” by Diana Vickers
  5. “Coattails” by Broods
  6. “Stay Down” by Katy B
  7. “Night Sky” by Chvrches
  8. “One Thing” by Bonobo
  9. “Forever Love (Digame)” by Anna Nalick
  10. “Money Power Glory” by Lana Del Rey
  11. “Across The Ocean” by Azure Ray
  12. “I’ll Never Forget You” by Birdy
  13. “Moon & Moon” by Bat For Lashes
  14. “The Sea” by Corinne Bailey Rae
  15. “Soon We’ll Be Found” by Sia
  16. “Ghost/Haunted” by Beyoncé
  17. “Hey Now” by London Grammar
  18. “Ultraviolence” by Lana Del Rey

I have a test today, so I prepared a Musical Monday for all of you ahead of time. Mellifluous is the third mix I’ve made since I started Musical Mondays & is suitable for female audiences since, well, everyone who sings is a woman. It doesn’t mean a man can’t enjoy it, but it’s obvious that more likely than not, a woman would find this more appealing. This playlist features voices from contemporary female artists, with an upbeat start that transitions to a more mellow, sleepy half. It’s a great playlist for background noise while working, preparing for bed & falling asleep to it, or for one of those days you just feel like some easy listening. Hopefully this mix will help you discover new songs, artists, &/or genres so ladies, I hope you enjoy it.

Steven Wright & ATB

My friend Steven Wright got me a media pass when he opened for ATB at Sutra. It was the first time I’ve ever shot at a nightclub before & I was so lucky that I got to shoot my friend & one of my favorite DJs of all time. I was exposed to ATB’s music when I was about 8 by my cousins who put his songs in a music folder for The Sims so we’d always hear it when we would try to build a house or buy furniture. I found that I just wanted to have it in “Build Mode” for hours, but then I’d just end up hogging the computer. Just a couple of years before I met Steven Wright, I got back into ATB after listening to his Seven Years album. I’m so happy & proud of Steven for all of his achievements & his rise up the DJ ladder. I wish him nothing but success & I’m so thankful for his kindness. He’s a great up & coming DJ so if you’re into EDM, check out his music!

Steven Wright

Steven Wright

The Crowd at Sutra

Steven Wright

Steven Wright + ATB







Make sure you check out the link below to see more of the photos I shot at the nightclub!

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  1. Your shooting at the nightclub is impressive, these are very professional clicks. (I am still terrible at taking picture in the low light conditions and I know how difficult it is). Your friend must be grateful for these pics!

    • Aw thanks, Daniela! I haven’t yet told him about it, but I will! He gets tons of pics from photographers that shoot at the nightclub so I think he’s used to it haha. :) Low light is so difficult! I have tons of respect for nightclub photographers & astrophotographers. They’ve got some real talent haha.

  2. I wish I could listen to the playlist right now. I’m “working” (my blog is kind of my work in addition to the actual work that I’m doing here in the PI) but the internet is pretty slow so streaming music isn’t really possible half the time. But I’ll save this blog for when I go back to the states. I’m always looking for new female singers (WOOOT female representation) and your playlist sounds perfect for that (according to your description).

    The nightclub photos look awesome! Your photography is getting better each time I see it. Isn’t nightclub photography kind of hard too considering the lighting?

    • Thanks, AnneMarie! Oh pft, get out there & enjoy PI!!! You’re gonna be a busy bee & I’m surprised you even have time to blog, but I love when you do. :)

      Yes, absolutely. Nightclub photography was so difficult when you have no idea what you’re doing. I fortunately had a lot of help & relied too heavily on the “spray & pray” method which was just snapping a ton of photos hoping at least one would be good. I deleted probably a 100 pictures from that night because they were blurry or I just absolutely couldn’t save the lighting in LR. I’ve never done it before so it was quite a challenging & fun experience.

  3. Wow, the music you listen to really resembles my music style haha. Love the playlist! Settle down is one of my favorite songs all time 😀
    The photos look great! I’m not really into the EDM, but the track playing on the background in your video sounds gooood :)

    • Haha that’s awesome! I love Kimbra. Her smokey voice makes all of her songs really enjoyable. Thanks for taking the time to watch the video! I tried to pick a good remix of “Ecstasy” that wouldn’t be annoying to people who don’t like edm. :)

  4. I love the video! Makes me feel pumped and ready to party, haha! I haven’t gone to a nightclub in a while because I’m boring now. :’D My resolution after we move cities is not to be such a recluse.

    • Haha yes! I’m glad you took the time to watch my video & enjoyed it. I think I’m mostly boring too, so don’t worry! You’ve made a good resolution!

  5. I love your mix! It’s awesome as always! It really helps fill up my phone up with new artists. I don’t have all the room lol

    Though, the nightclub photos are amazing! The music is so energetic and makes me so pumped. Hope you are well ~

    • Thanks for the compliments, Michelle! :) I’m glad you enjoyed the mix.Thanks for taking the time to listen to it. I try to clear out my phone with songs I always end up skipping as often as possible, so if you do something similar, you’ll have more room for more artists. 😀

  6. The photos look really amazing! That is great that someone you know is doing so well. I hope that things get better and better for him too. 😀

    I hope everything went really well on the test.

    The music you compiled looks really interesting. 😀

  7. The songs I recognize from your playlist are the ones from Lana Del Ray. I can agree that it’s perfect for background music. It’s really neat how your friend got you into the show! Especially since you got to see ATB there. Even at the club, you still got to shoot really good videos! I’ll sample some of ATB’s mixes/sets one of these days after I get through listening to this year’s EDC livesets 😀

    • Nonsense.

      You recognize Kimbra from “Someone That I Used to Know” by Gotye, the ultimate breakup anthem of 2012.

      You recognize Charlie xcx from “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea, because it’s a #1 Billboards hit & played everywhere even if you never listen to the radio.

      You recognize Sia whose famous songs include “Breathe Me” which played at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion show around 2008-2009, “Titanium” thanks to David Guetta, & now her more recent “Chandelier” which has lots of people talking. She also writes songs for Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, & other popular artists.

      & obviously, you should recognize Beyoncé because you have to be living in an isolated life to not know who Beyoncé is.

      ATB has a new album out called Contact. I’m sure you can listen to it on Spotify or something. He’s most famous for “9 PM (Till’ I Come)”, “Don’t Stop”, & “Ecstasy”. I’d recommend listening to his album Seven Years or his newest one because his music has definitely changed. It’s still very much trance, but adapted more to house beats. Didn’t know you were into EDM, Nancy. Full of surprises!

  8. I haven’t listened to ATB in a long time! I was a big fan when I was younger too :) That’s awesome that you got a media pass to the show. I think the photos and video came out great! Shooting in a dark setting is definitely tough, and I’m so glad DSLRs do well with high ISO. I still struggle with dark locations sometimes if I can’t find a good place to bounce my flash. I’ve been meaning to get a diffuser for it =/

    • He’s just recently released a new album! He’s totally old school, I love it. He even said during his set that he’s like everyone’s grandpa hahaha. He’s been around forever! Gotta respect the man.

      Thanks for the compliments! Nightclub photography is a much greater challenge than shooting food in daylight!! Bahaha that was such a challenge, but I really appreciated it because it pushed me beyond my comfort zone. Can’t really learn if you’re always comfortable, right? Low lighting situations & changing light sources = difficult to accommodate for! Absolutely thankful to my DSLR for handling high ISO so well. It’s so counter intuitive with nightclub photography though. Normally you want a wide aperture & a fast shutter speed, right? But I was told by a few people to close my aperture to f/5.6 & slow down my shutter speed. I was so skeptical, but hey, I got some pretty clear pics!

      You can get diffusers really cheap off Amazon! I got mine last minute actually, but it worked really well. I’d consider getting the huge diffuser dome thing except I’m rarely in those types of situations where I’d need it.

      • I actually still like high aperture for low light if I don’t have a flash :) Kind of depends on the look you’re going for though! If it’s landscapes at night, I’ll do the low aperture. If I’m using a flash, I’ll do a slower shutter and lower aperture since anything faster than 1/250 will be too fast for the flash, haha.

  9. These photos are really awesome Tiffany! I have never shot in a nightclub, much less been in one. There is a club I always go to called GoodGod Small Club but I usually only see the pop/rock artists, not anything like EDM.

    Also, I realised (RE your comment a while back on my blog) Spotify is kinda poop for playlists and I might go to 8tracks after all. I will have to go and grab the mp3s in most cases, but woo. Great to see a girl power playlist, I made my own one as well recently, because James kept pressing me to, haha.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you got to see them since you’re shooting lots of concert photography yourself.

      Yeah it’s really a much more efficient way to share mixes than spotify since not everyone has it & it’s kind of annoying to open up the app just to listen to someone’s list if you don’t even use it.

  10. Hey Tiff! I love your playlist! I LOVE Lana Del Rey… she’s amazing! <3

    Your photos and video look so awesome and professional! I could never shoot such an awesome-looking video… I suck at videography haha. I've never been to a concert before, but I really want to go to one! The atmosphere just looks so exciting.

    • I love Lana too!! I’m so obsessed with her music haha. I’m glad you took the time to listen to my playlist & watch the video. :)

      As for the videos, it’s really not too difficult so long as you have steady hands (or a steadycam) & record bits of everything. Putting it together just takes a bit of creativity & good background music to figure out where things go. Concerts & nightclubs are two completely different experiences, but I hope you get to see one of your favorite artists at a concert one day. :) The atmosphere at either club or concert or music festival is similar in that it’s exciting & energetic. People are there because they love the music & love to dance (well, more so at a nightclub).

  11. Oh, I plan on having this domain to stick around for awhile. The reasons being that I didn’t have the others stick around that much is because I had nothing interesting to say. I also didn’t plan on what I wanted to say as well. This time around, it’s best that I plan on putting tips out there, my success in my weight loss, and leave the private life out of there. That’s what Diaries are for…right?

    Yeah, I’m still not entirely done customizing the domain just yet. I still need to work on the links and things. But thank you for pointing that out. I was getting a slight headache when I had made it public, and I just didn’t care at the moment. But thank you for pointing it out, nonetheless. I try to stay away from Politics, First World Problems, Life Problems, and the like. This domain will be different, of course, and I refuse to allow any personal problems at home to be on the new domain. I do have a side diary where I write my personal problems. The World Wide Web, is NOT meant for your private life. I started realizing this when I noticed that people can use it against you. But I will definitely get to work on those links and make them somewhat bigger. Thank you once again!

  12. holy moly, that’s impressive! I can’t believe it’s your first time shooting at a nightclub too 😀 And I know all the songs you listed in your playlist ^__^ Good taste~

  13. Great night shots, I love the actions and I feel like I can experience the music through your photos! I tend to avoid taking night shots since they tend to get grainy without flash. Btw I’m a huge fan of Scandinavian singers – Mø is a beautiful name and singer! Great list of good music :)

    • Thank you, Rika! Yeah nightlife photography is tough haha. I hope you give the playlist a listen. It’s a very floral in that it’s light, features beautiful voices, & beautiful women!

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